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Your Bromley is the Business Improvement District (BID) for Bromley town centre. It is a business led and business funded scheme to improve Bromley town centre through additional services and new initiatives and aims to promote Bromley to visitors old and new. The BID has been running for five years and there will be a reballot shortly. Starting this week, for six weeks a member of the BID team will be sharing their experiences over the past five years and explaining why they feel a yes vote from Bromley businesses is important for Bromley.


11th February 2021

Your Bromley is the Business Improvement District (BID) for Bromley Town Centre. It is a business led and business funded scheme to improve Bromley Town Centre through additional services and new initiatives and aims to promote Bromley to visitors old and new. The BID has been running for five years and there will be a reballot this year.

My name is Stepanka aka Stephanie and I'm the Bromley Welcome Ambassador for Your Bromley. My job is to support local businesses. I keep them updated on events they can get involved in to help attract new customers, and provide guidance and support on crime prevention, waste management, the street population and more. I also work with the council, police and other authorities to help Bromley businesses get the help they need.

Being an ambassador in Bromley puts me right at the heart of the community. I have been in the role for four years and I love it. It's an exciting job and no two days are ever quite the same. There is a real team spirit in Bromley and the wonderful people make what I do truly unique. I always feel that the support I give, no matter how small, is appreciated. I am passionate about Bromley, it's a diverse town with lots to offer. I love seeing new businesses come into the town and the fresh ideas they bring.

Over the years I have loved getting involved in the events organised by Your Bromley. Some of my favourites have been Bromley Floral Fest, with the primary schools from the area creating beautiful displays on the High Street that bring colour and creativity into the town centre, and I love seeing workers and shoppers enjoying refreshments while watching Wimbledon on the big screen in the Summer too.

A key part of what Your Bromley does is helping businesses to communicate and share information via the DISC App about crime in Bromley. I think this, alongside the additional police funded by the BID, goes a long way towards preventing crime in the town centre.

My role gives Your Bromley a visible presence in the town for both the businesses and the public to see and to ask for help where needed. I hope I play a big role in helping to bring businesses together to work for a better, safer, smarter and cleaner Bromley.


5th February 2021

Your Bromley is the Business Improvement District (BID) for Bromley Town Centre. It is a business led and business funded scheme to improve Bromley Town Centre through additional services and new initiatives and aims to promote Bromley to visitors old and new. The BID has been running for five years and there will be a reballot this year.

I'm Mark Haynes, the Centre Director of the Glades Shopping Centre and Director of Your Bromley BID. Your Bromley brings Bromley businesses together in many ways. The Street Ambassador, Stephanie, regularly visits businesses, providing and collating updates and information. The BID shares regular newsletters and hosts Your Bromley Advisory Group meetings where businesses are invited to attend and contribute ideas and suggestions. This has been more valuable than ever since the start of the pandemic.

Through lockdown periods Your Bromley has provided communications to businesses about Government grant applications as well as liaising with the local authority regarding signage and operations processes. The support doesn't end there though. In usual times the BID helps businesses work together with a programme of events, including networking events and knowledge sharing. This, alongside practical initiatives such as delivering additional Police support, makes a really positive difference to those running Bromley businesses and their customers.

Bringing more visitors to Bromley helps The Glades and its retailers too. BID run initiatives like the Christmas Spirit Trail, and events like Midsummer Movies, Street Art activity, and the Christmas Lights switch on. These all help create footfall and bring more people into the town centre. The enhanced street cleaning programme and free business recycling keeps our town clean and ready to welcome visitors too.

I believe that Your Bromley delivers invaluable support to businesses. It runs initiatives and events that otherwise would not happen, and these will be a great help to Bromley and Bromley businesses in the challenging years to come. Plans for the next five years include exciting new Destination Branding for Bromley that will really put Bromley and Bromley businesses on the map. The cultural activities planned will celebrate the Bromley community too. This of course is more important to everyone now, more than ever. I will be voting yes and encourage other business owners to do the same.


6 January 2021

This week we hear from Andy Bawn, Chair of Your Bromley BID and Manager of The Greyhound.

I'm Andy Bawn, the Manager at The Greyhound on Bromley High Street. I'm also Chair of the Board of Directors for Your Bromley, the Business Improvement District (BID). The BID's job is to promote our town centre and help to support and grow businesses within the area, and the local economy.

I'm really proud of the achievements of Your Bromley over the past five years and, as a business manager, I get to see first-hand the benefits of the BID and the difference it makes to our town. The support the BID offers to local businesses ranges from the events we put on to increase the number of people visiting Bromley, like free film screenings with Midsummer Movies and the Christmas light switch on, through to hands-on practical help like offering free recycling or improved security in the town centre.

Your Bromley has funded increased Police presence, and other safety measures, which help to give traders and visitors confidence in the safety of our town centre, day and night.

The added Police presence helps deter people intent on misbehaving and helps prevent shoplifting.

Thousands of pounds worth of stock has successfully been returned to businesses which would otherwise have severely impacted on profits.

Last year was of course different. Your Bromley has acted behind the scenes, helping businesses to secure government and council grants and assistance, plus providing advice for levy payers who have particular problems that they cannot resolve themselves.

The BID team has been available for help regarding all COVID 19 related guidelines and the latest updates from central government.

There are very few areas of our lives that have not been affected by the pandemic. The loss of both independent and national businesses has left everyone with a huge feeling of uncertainty. I believe Your Bromley is more important than ever at this time and would encourage businesses to vote yes at the re-ballot in February.

A yes vote is a vote for shopping locally, for local business, for the security of our town, for waving the flag for Bromley and continuing to improve the vibrancy and attractiveness of our town as a destination rather than just a town centre. A yes vote will help the local economy to recover from the pandemic, as it will mean there is a dedicated presence acting in the best interest of business.



14 January 2021

Your Bromley is the Business Improvement District (BID) for Bromley Town Centre. It is a business led and business funded scheme to improve Bromley Town Centre through additional services and new initiatives and aims to promote Bromley to visitors old and new. The BID has been running for five years and there will be a reballot this year.

This week is the second in a series of six features that will see members of the BID team sharing their experiences of the last five years and explaining why they feel a yes vote from Bromley businesses is important for Bromley. Today we hear from Deputy BID Manager, Zoe Griffiths.

My name is Zoe Griffiths, and I am the Deputy BID Manager for Your Bromley.

Over the past five years the BID has engaged with all our businesses – from independents to premium retail chains, professional services and our offices – creating activity that all of these businesses can get involved with, and that is designed to help and support them all. We have also initiated a networking community for Bromley businesses to interact with each other.

Most recently I’m really proud of the dedicated support we’ve been able to offer to our local economy during COVID. We have helped businesses access funding and, in some cases, even helped some unlock more funds than they had thought were available to them.

Bromley is one of the top 50 retail destinations in the UK and I’m looking forward to helping the town maintain and build on that reputation over the next five years. Our new business plan will see a continuation of existing programmes, like recycling and chewing gum cleaning, that help make the town centre a clean and welcoming environment for businesses, employees and visitors. It will also see us deliver activities designed to attract more visitors to the town centre. Our experience-led plan will celebrate the heritage of the town by creating pop-up arts moments and installations. Continuing to fund the Christmas Lights will also remain a key part of our activity.

In addition to the events programme we will also be shining a light on individual businesses, highlighting their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and sharing CSR opportunities, matching businesses with the right people to help them achieve their aims in this important area. We also plan to introduce a staff loyalty scheme that will help Bromley businesses attract and retain quality staff, making working in the town more appealing than ever.

Over the last five years the BID has achieved a great deal. We have provided over 4,000 additional policing hours, recovered over £30,000 of stolen stock, saved businesses over £30,000 in recycling costs, cleaned over 14,000 square miles of chewing gum, provided the Christmas tree and lights for five years, and held many events designed to increase town centre footfall. These are all things that make a real difference to businesses in Bromley.

A Yes vote is a vote for a continuation of these services and even more exciting new activities to help Bromley businesses and appeal to visitors, both now and in the future. A Yes vote means we can continue to provide a dedicated presence acting in the best interests of Bromley businesses to help the local economy recover from the current pandemic.


20 January 2021


I’m Chris Glover, Theatre Director at The Churchill Theatre and Board Director at Your Bromley.

One of the highlights of each year for me is the Christmas lights switch-on, organised every year by Your Bromley alongside our team at The Churchill Theatre. It’s a great community event and, in most years, people fill the High Street to watch the parade and the cast from our panto. It marks the start of Christmas for me, followed by the arrival of the Christmas Market that really makes our town stand out and look different. I’m glad last year’s online lights switch on meant we could still share some festive joy, albeit virtually and that we managed to offer a Christmas Market too.

The events Your Bromley organises throughout the year really help to attract new people to the town, delivering increased footfall that the businesses then benefit from. From the Christmas Lights to the wonderful Wimbledon screenings that create a great atmosphere at lunchtimes and, of course, the free movie screenings at the Midsummer Movies event every year in Queen’s Gardens. All of these events, combined with some of the really practical things the BID does like street cleaning and chewing gum removal, and the wonderful ambassador, help to make sure the town centre is an attractive and pleasant space to spend leisure time.

A yes vote for Your Bromley will be a great result for the town. The Churchill Theatre, the BID and the Council will be working together to continue to rejuvenate the High Street by bringing in art installations and storyboards celebrating the cultural influences on Bromley like HG Wells and David Bowie. We’re planning mini concerts in the High Street and much, much more. We need to celebrate the culture of Bromley and remember who has influenced it and who was born here.

Your Bromley has supported the businesses of Bromley through the pandemic, keeping us all up to date on information from both the government and local authority and providing practical help accessing additional funding. I would encourage businesses to vote yes at the reballot as there’s so much going on in Bromley, from the great shopping experiences to the cafes, restaurants and leisure facilities – and the BID will help shout about this and make sure even more people enjoy the benefits of the town centre.

27 January 2021


I’m Kieren Perera, Operations Manager for McDonald’s Bromley and Your Bromley Board Director.

As a board director I’m really proud of the work we do for the environment in Bromley, from the free business recycling service run by First Mile, to the regular chewing gum cleaning. As part of the business community, I find these services invaluable. Both of these services really contribute to ensuring the town centre looks clean and welcoming. Your Bromley also helps maintain plant beds in the town centre too, bringing colour and greenery into the town.

In addition to this Your Bromley has funded additional police support for the town. I firmly believe the additional police presence really helps to prevent anti-social behaviour and makes all the businesses in the area feel more secure. The night-ambassadors funded by Your Bromley helped with this too and we found they made a real, tangible difference to us at McDonalds.

Hospitality plays a big role in Bromley business – there are over 90 food and drink outlets in the town centre. Your Bromley has really helped the industry through the pandemic sending out the latest information and regular updates on key dates as well as really engaging with businesses around the grants available to them. I believe Your Bromley has directly helped some of the hospitality businesses in the town access funds that have allowed them to keep trading.

Under more normal circumstances Your Bromley plays a really active role in supporting the hospitality industry by bringing new visitors into the town. The events run by the BID like Midsummer Movies and the Christmas lights switch-on all increase footfall that industry, and the town as a whole, benefits from directly.

I believe the BID really does look after businesses in Bromley and that if the BID wasn’t there many of its initiatives and events would be noticeably missed. I encourage the businesses of Bromley to vote yes to another five years of Your Bromley.