Floral Fest 2022

This year’s Floral Fest entries are themed around the Platinum Jubilee and have bought a regal burst of colour and creativity to Bromley High Street.  The 2022 competition, entered by 30 primary schools from the London Borough of Bromley, was judged by gardening expert, Charlie Dimmock, Mark Reeve of Coolings Garden Centre and Frances Forrest of Your Bromley.

Crowns, corgis, the Buckingham Palace balcony, tea parties and the Queen herself have been brought to life in floral form and the judges had a difficult task selecting the winning entries. 

After much deliberation the judges selected winners and runners up in four different categories:

Most Creative

Winner: Bishop Challenor School

Highly Commended: The Highway Primary School 

Special Mention: Green Street Green Primary School 

Best Horticultural Display 

Winner: Darrick Wood Junior School

Highly Commended: Keston Primary School 

Special Mention: Balgowan Primary School

Best Use of Colour

Winner: Clare House Primary School

Highly Commended: St Paul’s Cray CE Primary School 

Special Mention: Darrick Wood Junior School 

Best Use of Theme

Winner: Elmstead Wood Primary School  

Highly Commended: Worsley Bridge Primary School       


Charlie Dimmock commented, “Once again the creativity on display was incredible.  Picking winners is really difficult because they all deserve to win.  The planters are stunning and I would be proud to have any of them on display in my garden.  This is a lovely project that helps teach children about gardening and growing things and I have loved being a part of it..”

Frances Forrest, BID manager, added, “Bromley’s primary schools have done themselves proud with their Platinum Jubilee inspired planters.  The display is beautiful and is really being enjoyed by town centre shoppers and visitors.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bromley Council for the Cultural Grant that funded this year’s competition.”

The Entries

Pick your favourite planter and vote below!

Alexandra Infant School

A royal garden party - Afternoon tea at Alexandra Infants The children at Alexandra Infant School have been holding tea parties for their parents to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. In honour of their hard work and the special event, our planter has a royal garden party theme. Our miniature tea party features some special royal guests and English country garden flowers.

Balgowan School

Our planter was created by the lunch time club. We used the white petunias, red sweet peas and nicotiana and blue lobelia flowers to symbolise union jack colours. We made the crown structure for the sweet peas to climb on in celebration of Queen's jubilee . We also decorated the planter using the union jack colours, we even used some recycled fabric from the school uniforms to link it up to our primary.

Bickley Primary School

"What makes London, London!!! With the recent celebration of the Queens Platinum Jubilee the children have been learning all about her and her family. One of the topics we looked at was where she lived, which is of course London. The children discussed what makes London famous, what they would see etc. Our planter shows some very famous landmarks and items you might see when you visit London and potentially bump into the Queen. With our planter we tried to incorporate Great Britain and picked small, dainty flowers in red, white and blue to organise them in the famous Union Jack flag."

Bishop Challoner School

Our planter celebrates the Platinum Jubilee with planting in red, white and blue. Under the platinum crown we have planted a purple hydrangea to represents royalty. The bunting acknowledges the countries of the Commonwealth, working together to pursue common goals and interests. The dolly pegs were made by the children of Bishop Challoner Pre Prep & Prep School and are a representation of the rich diversity and many talents of the Bishop Challoner family.

Blenheim Primary School

"Blenheim Primary School celebrated the Queens Platinum Jubilee with a day full of discovering more about the Queen and celebrating her magnificent 70-year reign! We created bunting, flags, iced biscuits, artwork and most enjoyable, our own crowns. We had a big school lunch and games on the field before donning our crowns to entertain our families at the end of the day with a dance and singing! A great day spent celebrating! Our planter this year is focusing on the Queens Crown. The bed of lobelia (both bush and trailing, hopefully trailing by judging day!) represents the royal robes and lush purple velvet within the crown. The red, white and blue Petunias and red Salvias represent some on the many jewels in the Crown, as well as representing our Union Jack Flag!"

Burnt Ash Primary School

Our planter celebrates the Queen’s Golden Jubilee with portraits of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11, drawn by year 3. The planter is painted blue, to match our school uniform and features bright geraniums and other perennials with flowers that match the Queens beautiful outfits over the years.

Clare House Primary School

"Clare House Primary School Explanation of Planter and how it represents your school and the Jubilee Our team of Head Boys and Girls came up with this artistic design for our entry. We have tried to use the colours of the Union Jack within the planter. We have also taken lots of inspiration from the new Eliabeth Line with our use of purple to represent Queen Elizabeth. In addition, we have used a beautiful smelling lavender plant to bring the purple of the Line into the planter. We have also used the Eliazbeth line to milestone the key dates of the Queen's reign. "

Crofton Junior School

"Name of School : Crofton Junior School Name of Planter : The Handbag Explanation : All the children agreed that the Queen is never seen without her handbag. Also purple being the platinum jubilee colour is also the colour of the school, so have combined the two."

Cudham CE Primary School

"Name of School: Cudham Church of England Primary School Name of Planter Entry: Planternum Jubilee Explanation of Planter and how it represents your school and the Jubilee: The crown shape and arrangements represent the crown our Queen has worn all these successful years, and the flowers are some of the varieties that can be found growing on the school's grounds and fields! "

Darrick Wood Junior School

This year we asked the children who won our STEM week Photographic Competition back in March, to help with the planting and designing. Their photographic entries are around the trough. Their theme was 'Growth' which fitted nicely with the Bromley Flower Fest Competition. To represent the Platinum jubilee the children chose to use flowers that represented our National Flag- the Union Jack. The colours of red, white and blue. We also asked families to send in photographs of their Platinum Jubilee celebrations to decoupage around the edge of the trough, as we wanted this to be not only be a school competition, but be representative of our community too.

Darrick Wood Nursery and Infants School

Our school is a large Infant and Nursery School, children are ages 3 to 7. Here at Darrick Wood, we encourage the children to be confident to express themselves and independent in their choices. They have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the Jubilee, with dancing events and a whole school street party in the playground. This has proved to be very inspirational in our planter designs. We ran a competition for the children to design the planter themselves, researching what flowers would be best, thinking about the colours used and the attributes of the flowers. The winning children were selected due to their wonderful imaginations and creativity with the theme. We have a winner's team of 6 children, ranging from Nursery to Year 1. They were then invited to work as a team to collaborate and discuss which elements should be taken from each design. The floral arrangements were very similar, the children wanted a large Tulip tree, one of the Queens' favourite trees as a centrepiece, we researched and discussed this may not be appropriate due to the size of the planter and the tree preferring to be planted in the autumn. They settled on a Purple rose, they thought a splash of the purple colour would be good as the Jubilee merchandise has been purple. A larger plant could also represent the Principal Beacon they saw the Queen herself light, to mark the occasion. This will then be moved to our library garden after the event to allow it to grow and flourish. The children decided on red, white and blue flowers to create a Union Jack design, specifically requesting busy Lizzy due to its name, and lobelia due to its bright blue flowers. The design was also discussed, the children felt a little of all designs would be great, using pictures from all different year groups to show what a great team our school is. The children also wanted our Darrick Wood crest included to show it is a Darrick Wood planter and showcase how creative our children can be. The children are very proud of the work they have created and the team of winners will be adding their photos to the planter on its return to school to represent a street party scene, a fond memory of all children.

Elmstead Wood Primary School

"Why we like the Queen The children have been researching and discussing why they like the Queen which we have recorded onto our speech bubbles. We included plants which contain some of the colours worn by the Queen over her reign along with Tomato plants which the children grew in class and wanted to share with the queen. The children wanted to also include images of Paddington because they now know that he and the Queen are very close friends. It was also decided that the Queen's guard should stand protecting our tomato plants. Our book shows images of how we celebrated the Jubilee at school and we thought it would show our admiration for the queen. A Special mention to our Parent Volunteers to help us to put this planter together along with the artwork"

Green Street Green Primary School

"At Green Street Green we have really got the gardening bug! We been working hard on a fantastic new allotment and all our previous entry containers are full of beautiful flowers and plants too – but orange Calendulas and pink Dianthus are not the colours we wanted to represent the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, so we looked at purples (Cosmos and Salvias) whites (Cosmos, Lupins) a bright yellow Geum for height and a splash of gold and purple and white Gypsophila for ground coverage. We also had a little yellow, white and purple Viola growing in a tub which some of us wanted to move into a small gap at the front, so that’s squeezed in too. We’ve had to do a daily snail search to make sure the Lupin is ok, because apparently slugs and snails really like Lupins. As well as thinking about the plants (a mix of bought -thank you Coolings,- donated and found) we have tried to decorate the planter. Lots of us are talented artists, but Olivia was chosen to draw the Queen’s coach and our teacher made it into a stencil which is on the front of the planter in silver. Everyone in year 5 and 6 coloured a stamp in their own style and these have been made into the bunting. We hope you enjoy looking at our planter, we had a great time putting it all together and think it is a great way to celebrate the Queen’s 70th Jubilee."

Hayes Primary School

Our Jubilee Colours We planted up our planter during our Gardening Club with Year 1 children. We chose sunflowers to represent the Golden crown that the Queen sometimes wears. We also chose flowers that were the colours of the Union Jack; red, white blue and we also chose Busy Lizzies flowers as that is the christian name of our Queen. At Hayes we grow sunflowers every year in our vegetable patch so they are a familiar feature at our school over the summer and the autumn which everyone always comments on and loves to see, so that is another reason why we made sunflowers our feature plant. We asked all the children at the school to draw a picture that represents the Jubilee to them and we included these in our design as well. "

Keston CE Primary School

"As the theme was 'The Queen's Diamond Jubilee' we immediately thought the colours of our planter should reflect this. We therefore chose Red, White and Blue from the Union Jack but added in Purple for the Diamond Jubilee colour. We therefore used plants such as 'Cherry on Ice' Trailing geranium, Verbenas as well as a lovely Fuchsia which is both purple and red as the centre-piece under the crown. We also thought the crown should be red, white and blue This theme fits in with our school colours which are red, white and navy blue. We hope you like our planter. "

Marian Vian Primary School

Our year 5s have been studying the Queen's platinum jubilee. They would have liked to plant trees in their planter from around the commonwealth but decided that that might not be practical! They decided that a small native tree would do that can be transplanted into the school grounds later as part of the Queen's Green Canopy. They then opted for red white (they wanted Lilly of the valley because it's the Queens favourite but found out that it wouldn't be in bloom this time of year and blue flowers to represent the union flag. They have decorated the outside of the planter with some of their portrait scratches of the Queen.

Parish CE Primary School

"Parish CofE Primary School The ethos of the school is Friendship, Learning and Faith. We believe that this translates to countries around the world. The Queens reign over ‘us’ and the British Commonwealth, during her 70 years, reinforces the importance of working together. A small group of children from our gardening club have followed the ethos of the school in creating this celebratory trough."

Pickhurst Academy ARP

"We are the ARP at Pickhurst Academy. Our planter was inspired by the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and by the children of our provision. All the children helped plant our flowers and were involved in the design. It is quintessentially British and its colours represent the Union flag, the jubilee and our school. The planter provides an ultra-stylish garden party with delicious strawberry plants and deep red carnations for a vintage feel, blue Lithadora as a reusable table cloth, white cosmos and fuchsia to represent white lacy napkins. Our busy bee reminds us to protect our wildlife and encourage pollination and also represents our children who are always busy at work and flying high. The trailing greenery and geraniums create a frivolous fringing of our blue groundcover tablecloth. The bunting created from our hand prints represent the Jubilee party, our children’s hard work and inclusivity. The Felicia plant with its beautiful daisy like flowers resemble the patterns on the china used for afternoon tea. While the Salvia provides aromatic spikes with spreading foliage like the sweet smell of cakes on a tiered cake stand. All the flowers and greenery are different shapes, sizes and heights; this represents our children in the ARP who are all different ages, have different complex needs and ‘grow’ at a variety of different levels. Finally, the Hosta provides shade for the cakes and more structure to the display, symbolising the support provided by our dedicated team of staff. We chose some perennial plants that will continue to grow next year and we will be collecting seeds from our annual plants to replant next year. Thereby continuing our ethos of reduce, reuse and recycle. Our children are like the seeds, they continue to grow and flourish being in an accepting environment, enabling them to develop confidence to expand their knowledge, develop their life skills and become their true best self. The trough was painted by the children with left over wood stain donated to the ARP to resemble our school colours. We used eco-friendly, reclaimed and recycled wood to create the banner, including the back frame of our ARP garden mirror that was broken with storm Eunice. The design was chosen and also painted by the children, it includes splashes of various colour to represent our neuro diverse children and our multi-cultural backgrounds. "

Poverest Primary School

"The idea behind the theme of the planter was to display the history behind Poverest Primary School over the 70 years that the Queen has reigned. The main change in the school within these years has been the rapid physical growth; we started with 7 classes and now have 16 including an ASD provision. The bright colours of the flowers represent the diversity within our school. We represented the expansion over the years with the 'steps' feature to visually bring to life just how much our school has flourished! Each class is named after a type of tree (which has been illustrated by the children) to reiterate our ethos and school motto of 'LEARN together, GROW together, SUCCEED together'. It also represents the Queen's Green Canopy (QGC) project which is a tree planting initiative created to mark Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee in 2022. "

Raglan Primary School

"Inspiration for the Raglan Jubilee Planter The children wanted to create a planter that celebrated the amazing achievement of Queen Elizabeth II, who has been on the throne for 70 years, longer than any other Queen or King in Britain’s history and also a planter that reflected what is important to Raglan. We have included planting in red, white and blue as these are the colours of the Union Jack, blue is also one of Raglan’s colours. The children thought that the clip of the Queen having tea with Paddington Bear was very funny, so wanted to include the Queens love of tea in their design. We also held a tea party in the playground for the whole school to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee and each year our Year 5 students host a Strawberry Tea Party for the local senior citizens so thought that to include a reference to tea was very appropriate. As an Eco School we are committed to Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and we try to use recycled or pre loved items wherever possible, which is why the teapot and cup and saucer are both pre loved items. When we held our Tea Party, we decorated the playground with bunting made from recycled fabric and so have included some in our planter. The children also wanted to include a reference to the Queens love of Corgis and thought it would be fitting for them to wear a Raglan tie. The crown is an obvious reference, and also just a bit of fun – it was donated by the member of staff who has coordinated the design and the planting and was previously a decoration on her Christmas Tree! "

Red Hill Primary School

Our planter has been completed during our forest school sessions. We have chosen red, blue and white flowers to fit in with the colours of the flag. We have made some small wildlife characters which we have placed amongst the flowers. Also, we have created a natural bunting with the flags and silhouette of the queen to decorate the outside of our planter. We hope you like it!

Scott's Park Primary

Our children were inspired to design our planter as a part of the Scotts Park Jubilee Picnic day, which led to the theme of an Afternoon Tea Floral Celebration. This means that as many of the children's designs and ideas could be incorporated in their homemade bunting, not just the overall design, which focuses on the colours and spirit of the jubilee.

Southborough Primary School

"Southborough Schools Peace Planter For The Queen We are a very inclusive school with many nationalities and have recently welcomed some Ukranian pupils. We wanted to include symbols of peace as well as celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee as part of our planter. Our colour scheme is red, white, blue and yellow to represent the Ukranian and British flags. The centrepiece is a sunflower, which is a symbol of both the Queen's crown and Ukraine. We think the Queen would like a planter representing peace for the future of the world. "

St James' RC Primary School

Our planter, this year, has been designed to have the appearance of the royal balcony at Buckingham Palace. It will be adorned with red swags and feature the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla, William and Katherine and a couple of corgis! The plantings will be predominantly red, white and blue. Our theme is that we can all be princes and princesses but there can only ever be one Queen. Our planter is a celebration of our Britishness whilst appreciating all that Her Majesty has overseen. Quotes will be included, from our children, telling us why they are proud to be British.

St Marks CE Primary School

The School Council at St Mark's CE Primary School came together to create this year's planter. Children from across the school were invited to submit their designs, then three winning entries were chosen and combined to create our finished planter. The planter is coloured purple and gold, to represent royalty, and has a large crown design as a backboard. The planter and crown are decorated in sparkling gem stones, with drawings of corgis by some of the School Council children. Union Jack flags have also been added, to celebrate our Queen and country. The red and white King of Hearts Petunias have been chosen because of their patriotic colours, and their royal name. The lavender has been added because it is purple for the Queen, and because lavender will also attract bees, who are important for nature just as the Queen is important for our country.

St Paul's Cray CE Primary School

We have chosen to use Traditional English bee loving plants coupled with a hint of platinum and the colours of the Union Jack along with some 'Bizzy Lizzys' in honour of her name sake to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Year 4 children said when they think of the Queen, they think of tea, corgis, flowers, the Union Jack and a warm happy feeling which we hope this planter makes others feel!

St Philomena's CP School

Our Reception class have created the planter and opted for a scarecrow queen and corgi design. They chose the plants based on colour: they had a class trip to the garden centre and tried to find red, white and blue plants. Purple was the closest they could find to blue! The children also added flags of the commonwealth and thought about the diverse nations that the Queen represents.

The Highway Primary School

"The name of our entry is 'Queen Bee' We wanted to focus on the importance of protecting our native wildlife and encouraging pollinators, so that nature could be safe for the next seventy years, (at least). The plants we have chosen match the colours of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations - purple and white. They are all attractive to pollinators - lavender, salvia, petunia, osteospermums and bacopa. The children have decorated pebbles to put in the insects' drinking water and also around the edge of the planter. Each class has written messages describing how they celebrated the Platinum Jubilee and also expressing their hopes for the future of the planet. The butterfly is our school symbol, another creature that needs all the help we can give it."

Trinity CE Primary School

"Trinity CE Primary School: Welcome to our garden party Bromley Floral Fest 2022 Welcome to the jubilee garden party. We are trying to recreate the scene of a garden party, all the revellers have gone and the flowers have taken over the garden. The teacups that were left on the lawn have become plant pots. There’s still bunting blowing in the wind. The flowers were selected to match the colours of the jubilee, with red, white and blue flowers and the purple to match the platinum celebration. If you look closely there’s even a strawberry plant, maybe that self seeded from the strawberry and cream teas on the lawn? The planter was made mainly by our year 3 children, who planted the flowers, created the bunting and watered the plants."

Worsley Bridge Primary School

"Planter name: Plethora of Profuse Platinum About: We painted our planter platinum as we do like shiny things and platinum is a very significant jubilee! As a multi-cultural school, we wanted to incorporate the countries from the common wealth. The children drew around their hands on the flags from the common wealth, we joined the hands to create a link around the planter. On our school grounds, we have a large patch of a silver leaf plant (We think it is silver wormwood?) which has just appeared after the box plants were destroyed by caterpillars. We wanted to use that so we dug some up and it survived. We then researched (with some grandparent help) and chose other silver leaved plants to go with our platinum theme like Angel’s wings and silver gum drop heucheras, (we felt their purple tinge was also very royal). Lastly, we created a crown to top the planter, based on the Queen’s crown. The children each created a laminated panel which we attached to a hoop. Then we covered it with gems and glitter. "

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