Floral Fest

Floral Fest, 25th May - 2nd June

Thirty local primary schools will be bringing to life this year’s theme of Sport and Activity, reflecting the fact that 2024 is a big year for sport, with both the Olympics and Paralympic Games and the Euro 2024 Tournament all taking place.  Their floral displays will be judged by celebrity gardener Charlie Dimmock, Coolings Chairman Gary Carvosso and Your Bromley BID Manager, Frances Forrest on Saturday 25th May in Market Square with prizes for Best Horticultural Display, Best Use of Colour, Best Use of Theme and Most Creative.  A further prize for the People’s Choice will be awarded at the end of the display and the winner for this will be selected through an online public vote live here.


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Darrick Wood Junior School

Sport at Darrick Wood Junior school is really important as it underpins our 4 Rs, Relationships, Resilience, Resourcefulness and Reflectiveness. Our girls football team recently won a schools league football final. It epitomised what we strive to teach the children. They were two nil down in the last few minutes and the team found the strength of character and team work to score two goals before the whistle. They then won on penalties. Two of those girls helped to plant up the flower display, along with two other girls from my STEM Club.
Talking to them would fill any teacher with joy. They have passion, drive and above all an understanding of friendship and support.We chose to decorate our trough with some the different sports that we play at DWJS, and used a variety of different plants to celebrate the varied cultures, equality and talents in our school. As the children planted them I worked with them to show them how to look after the plants and we talked about how plants differ in need just like humans. We are all individuals with different aspirations and talents and we should nurture and celebrate this.

St James RC Primary School

This year’s planter has been designed by our School Gardening Club taking inspiration from the 2024 Paris Olympics and sport as it is celebrated at St. James. Our school motto has been adapted to show that we not only ‘Walk in the Footsteps of Christ’, we hop, step, run, jump and skip in them too! Sport brings out the best in all, encouraging us to promote: health; education; culture; gender equality; inclusion and diversity; and human rights – absolute necessities for a better world.

Poverest Primary School

Poverest Primary School Floral Fest 2024
Poverest Primary School’s planter this year displays our school’s message of inclusivity.
As a school, we take part in many sports during PE lessons and in after-school clubs. We also have a Forest School and Gardening club. We have included mixed African Marigolds to represent sports balls in vivid colours to enable our Visually Impaired students to play.
The edible Nasturtium and Pineapple Mint show our commitment to the message of healthy eating.
The Petunia’s and Viola’s represent pupils ‘playing together’ in the School House Team coloured planter
The Football net, Lacrosse stick and Tennis Racket have been made from Willow cut from our Forest School and the artwork was created by pupils in the mainstream and our Additional Resourced Provision.
The Sweet Peas climbing up the football net represent our central message of ‘PROUD at Poverest’. PROUD stands for the values of:-


St Mark's C of E Primary School

St Mark’s School Council discussed designs and came up with the central idea of a trophy. The School Council children in Years 1 – 3 helped to plant the following plants: Convolvulus (Trailing Blue); Sweet Pea (Air Warden); Petunia (Black Velvet); Bidens (Double Gold); Chamaemelum Nobile (Treneague). These plants represent the colours of the Olympic Rings. The planter is decorated with sports-themed wood cut shapes that were painted by the School Council children. There are also some golden balls, one sports enthusiast from each class was invited to come and write about what sport at St Mark’s means to them.

Midfield Primary School

At Midfield Primary school we participate in a variety of sports.
Our planter has lots of creative sides with different themes. Like Football, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball and playground activities, like Hula hoop, Bean bags and 4 squares.
We are very lucky to have a swimming pool at school and have each designed a swimmer.
At break time we play basketball, football and many more!!! We hope you can see the many examples here on our planter.
Our school logo has a rainbow and we wanted to represent this in our design. The bright colourful rainbows always put a smile on our faces.
Thankyou for considering our entry into the competition, we look forward to meeting you on the judging day

Monkey Puzzle Bromley

As a nursery at Monkey Puzzle Bromley we spoke to the children about their favourite sports, the most popular were swimming, cycling and running.
This led us to discuss the sport “Triathlon”. We showed the children clips of our British Triathlon team who are going to the Olympics in Paris.
Some of the children mentioned the Eiffel Tower as they had been to Paris and they then said “we can build it!”
So we did!!!!
The Olympic rings were made with the children’s handprints to represent everyone together holding hands in the nursery.
The children wanted their planter to include food plants “for energy so we can run fast”. Therefore we have included peas and runner beans.


Blenheim Primary School

Our school ran a competition to design this year’s planter and of the entries, we have taken a bit of each
entry to create our Sport and Activity planter design!
The planter is decorated externally to represent the many sports the pupils of Blenheim do, both in school
and their sporting achievements outside of school, all of which are celebrated in our school’s celebration
The planting represents a stadium, using mainly Pansies, with their face like petals, to
represent the smiling crowds, including parents, staff, pupils and hopefully the judges!


Keston Primary School

Our plants have been chosen and positioned to represent the colours of the 5 Olympic rings. The plants are attractive to pollinators (including the french lavender for the Paris Olympics!). Along with the lavender, the curry plant provides an inclusive sensory aspect to the planting. The inclusion of the lettuce and tomato plants also represent our passion for healthy eating in school. We specifically used reclaimable materials for the liner to reflect our interest in sustainability.

The Highway Primary School

“Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind,
your body and your mood”
– Unknown-

At The Highway we want our children to understand that sport is for everyone, irrespective of background, race, gender, culture, and for everyone to achieve their own goals and potential. The children enjoy activities like dance, gymnastics, swimming, athletics as well as team sports such as netball, football, cricket, tennis, rounders and dodgeball – any opportunity to add a few points to the house total!

All children at The Highway are encouraged to compete against each other, individually and within teams across a range of P.E. and sporting activities
We want to aid our children in obtaining the values and skills to celebrate and respect the success of others, as well as modestly celebrating their own successes.

Ultimately, healthy eating and an active lifestyle is something we try hard to encourage in everyone at The Highway.

Our planter illustrates the different sports the children can take part in, our house colours, and artworks to show the value and pleasure of movement!

Alexandra Infant School

Embracing this year’s Paris Olympic theme, our children have channelled their energy and creativity into a vibrant display celebrating health, well-being, and the spirit of the Games. As an active, eco school, we’re committed to promoting sustainability and reducing air pollution through walking and biking initiatives. Our beautiful arrangement features the dahlia, the symbol of the Euro/Paralympic Games, reflecting our red uniform to show our vibrancy and boldness whilst embodying our ethos: “ACHIEVE, INSPIRE, SUCCEED.” With contributions from our gardening club and partnerships with Friends of Cator Park, our display is a testament to the wonders and delights of Paris and the joys of an active lifestyle. We hope you enjoy our display!

Hayes Primary School

Our Hayes Primary School planter was carefully and lovingly designed and created by our team of 41 amazing young carers. This group of children inspires us everyday, just like the Olympic athletes. Similar to the outstanding efforts of athletes world wide, the young children (aged between 4 and 11) work tirelessly for their loved ones and have an abundance of kindness and empathy. Each and every one of these children deserves the biggest recognition and a gold medal! We are so proud of our wonderful Young Carers!
Our planter contains the colours and designs of the Olympic rings and we have pained it in our blue school colour.

St Philomena's CP School

The St Philomena’s School planter embodies the spirit of sports and physical activity, showcasing children in various athletic poses alongside inspirational statements. These statements highlight our commitment to integrating the love of God into all aspects of our lives, including sports. The vibrant flowers in the planter represent the blossoming of our students’ physical and spiritual growth, illustrating how sports cultivate both their bodies and their faith. This artistic display reflects our school’s dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals who shine in every endeavor.

Raglan Primary School

The sports theme that we have chosen this year is tennis. The children play tennis and table tennis in KS2 and in KS1 the bats and balls are used in the playground and in PE lessons.

Tennis is an important sport to learn in school as it is one of the only sports where every part of the body anatomy is being used simultaneously. Vision, watching the ball, ears, hearing the sound of the ball coming off the strings, coordination, balance and strategy where you want to place the ball.
Tennis improves your coordination, balance, agility, memory (having to keep score during a game) and heart rate
The is a social game and can be played in school, in a club and in the community.

We have painted our planter in a green wood paint and used an old bit of Astro turf that our site team had to represent grass. Our Gardening Group planted the planter with strawberry plants, mint and red and white begonias to represent strawberries and cream which is traditionally eaten at Wimbledon, the home of Tennis! We added a couple of old tennis racquets too! Some of our year 5’s have made some strawberries out of needle felt in their lunchtime and we have used that as bunting.

Clare House Primary School

We started with a class discussion about what the children loved best about sport at Clare House. This led onto a conversation about healthy eating being important to playing sports. This inspired our final design, a vegetable garden.
We thought it would be beneficial to grow edibles so we could observe their growth and change, which is part of our class curriculum. Then of course we could eat them later in the term. We chose colourful varieties of beans, mange tout and beetroot as well as edible flowers.
We reused old hockey sticks and a badminton net to embellish our planter.
We hope you enjoy interacting with our display.

La Fontaine Academy

Here at La Fontaine we are always aiming higher together, as we work towards achieving our goals. At the Olympics, they echo this, as their motto is Aiming Faster, Higher, Stronger together. Our school is proud to have a rich curriculum of sports, which is always trying to help students participate in new and unique activities. As French is an integral part of our school, we support Paris as the host of the 2024 Olympics, and believe it will be a great success. You can see that this is represented with our Floral Fest planter; using the colours of the Olympic rings and demonstrating how we always work as a team!

Pickhurst Junior Academy

“Woodlands (Additionally Resourced Provision), Pickhurst Academy

Our planter has been designed in three ways, by our children in Woodlands provision to bring the theme of Olympics 2024 to life.
Firstly, they painted the trough cream, drew the logos of the Olympics and Paralympics and added the inspirational words/quotes chosen by themselves.
Next, the plants are encouraged to grow high whilst achieving big on a logo made from coloured tennis rackets, joined together to represent the Olympic Rings.
Finally, all the plants have been chosen to offer sensory enjoyment for all, non-toxic, edible mangetout, strawberries and herbs – scented, tactile and the Olympic colours.

Trinity C of E Primary School

The children of Trinity Specialist Provision have chosen the theme of gold, silver and bronze medals to celebrate the upcoming Olympic Games which will be taking place in Paris later this year.
With this theme in mind, the children have chosen plants which have golden, silver or bronze flowers or foliage to plant in our planter.
We also decided to paint our planter with gold, silver and metallic paint and we enjoyed making medals from recycled materials to decorate our planter.
We hope that we have designed a planter fit for an Olympic champion’s garden.

Bickley Primary School

At Bickley Primary, we ensure that all pupils can access and enjoy a variety of sports. No matter the ability, we endeavour to create fun, vibrant and most importantly inclusive sessions which capture the interests of our pupils, building upon key skills such as teamwork, listening and problem solving. Our school planter embodies the sports accessible to all our pupils throughout their primary school careers. It is through these sessions and our extra curriculum activities, that we instil an enjoyment of sports, equipping them with the cultural capital to succeed for years to come

Scott's Park Primary School

Our theme is about the sporting events occurring this year. We are planting out, red, white and blue flowers to represent the French flag. A tall central plant, to represent the Eiffel tower. We have included flags that represent the Olympic games in Paris and Euros 2024 in Germany. our children will be following these sports, which hopefully will encourage more engagement in sporting activities.

Darrick Wood Infant School

Here at Darrick Wood Infant and Nursery School and we are so excited for the fantastic year of Sport that we have to look forward to this year.
The children have made lots of choices from a photo selection about our school’s planter and what they would they would like it to look like. They went for our school colours for the flowers 💛 💚 🤍, quotes from themselves about what they LOVE about sport and then lots of colourful sports equipment. The tennis ball flowers 🎾 were an inspired choice!

Alexandra Junior School

We have decided on this design because the colours of the plants represent the colours in the Union Jack(blue,white and red), The design also shows some of the most popular sports. Sport, to us, represents; working hard, training to reach a goal and having fun whilst doing so. It also represents sportsmanship, being outdoors, how to better yourself and the affect exercise has on your body and mind. But more importantly, it’s about inclusiveness.

Churchfields Primary School

Our Churchfields school planter carries symbolism through the use of the iconic Olympics colours. Each colour in the Olympics rings represents a continent and these colours are reflected in the flowers chosen for our planter: blue lobelia, yellow osteospermum (African daises), black petunias, green runner beans and red geranium. This floral display is also a visual representation of our commitment to sports and physical education as essential components of our development. It reminds us of the importance of striving for excellence, fostering fair play and building camaraderie among students from all backgrounds. Our creative students added a fun twist to this initiative by planting runner beans in old running shoes. It’s our own little way of ‘running’ towards greener and more sustainable practices, one shoe at the time.

Valley Primary School

At Valley we believe that sport is for everyone, and that we should try lots of different activities. We chose to highlight these two principles in the planter.
To show the variety of sports that we enjoy here we drew pictures and included different sports equipment to support and hold our plants.
We expressed inclusivity through our plant choices – the plants are all different shapes, sizes and colours. There is room for lots of different varieties, but the overall effect is of one team working together.
This planter was created by the Valley Eco Club, and we wanted to be sustainable in producing it. We used up leftover paint, upcycled old and broken equipment, and used perennial plants that will live a long time rather than be thrown away at the end of the season. We also grew the chives from seed ourselves last year and propagated some plants from the school by dividing existing perennials.

Leesons Primary School

At Leesons Primary School we believe it is important to support and benefit the environment. This year we have been creating a bee corridor in our school to create a corridor of good pollinators to enable the bees to fly from one place to another happily and safely. We were able to do this as our Eco-Committee have held plant sales and second hand book sales to support with the cost.
Our planter supports the theme of our bee corridor as it has lavender, silvias, strawberries and campanula, but we have linked it to the sport theme by representing Wimbledon. Wimbledon’s colours are purple, green and white and this immediately made us think of lavender which bees love! We have also represented the ball with a yellow dahlia and used a tennis racket to support the sweet peas. Finally we couldn’t forget the strawberries which are so much part of the Wimbledon experience.

Biggin Hill Primary School

Eco Club children from Biggin Hill Primary School are using flowers to represent the colours of the Olympics but adding pictures of sports on sticks to link it with sport. We are also having a design made to go around the outside of the planter to link it all together plus the school logo.

Hawes Down Primary School

At Hawes Down Primary School we endeavour to ensure sport is as inclusive as possible. We ensure that our sport is accessible to children within the Additionally Resourced Provision and the mainstream classes. Some year groups are lucky enough to attend weekly tennis sessions at the local tennis club. The pupils learn new skills each week allowing them to become more confident tennis players. Therefore we have incorporated the theme of tennis within our planter. We hope you like it!

Ravensworth Primary School

Our planter brings together a glorious array of colour, reflecting the wonder of sport and the value of teamwork.
The box itself represents a range of different sports, all of which support working towards personal goals and developing team spirit.
The plants are flanked by Olympic flags and reflect the colours of the Olympic Rings with a centre piece that represents the Olympic Flame.
If you look closely, you’ll see a few trophies, representing success and the end result of striving to achieve your goals.

Langley Park Primary School

Our LPPS Sports Spectacular Planter bursts with energy and creativity, embodying the thrill of sports and activities happening right here in Bromley. Imagine a kaleidoscope of colours, with each hue reflecting a child’s love for sport within our school community. Our students’ designs include the majestic leap of a deer – our school emblem – and a symbol of love of the outdoors, to the silhouettes of iconic Olympic champions, celebrating passion for movement and excellence. It’s not just a planter; it’s a canvas of dreams where sportsmanship meets artistry. Get ready to be inspired by our Sports Spectacular Planter!

Green Street Green Primary School

At Green Street Green Primary School, we place a great emphasis on the importance of physical activity to support personal development, emotional wellbeing and positive mental health. A core entitlement in our school’s curriculum offer is how all of our children partake in regular Forest School sessions and outdoor learning in order to develop effective social skills and essential learning behaviours needed for our young learners to flourish. The children in our Nurture Group, called ‘The Nest’, have designed and planted our school’s planter around the theme of ‘walking in the woods’ as part of remaining active. They have learned about the benefits that walking has upon both physical and mental health and wellbeing, selecting plants and hardscape, which represent the types of flowering plants that you might see whilst enjoying a walk in your local woodland!

Highfield Infant and Junior School

Our planter celebrates the numerous sports we play at our schools, including basketball, netball, football, rugby, korfball, hockey, cricket, tennis, athletics, gymnastics, jujitsu, table tennis and swimming.
We have used our school’s corporate colours as the base of our planter. The flowers and plants themselves are in the colours of the Olympic rings, i.e. lobelia (blue), trailing petunias and Ophiopogon (black), various foliage (green), petunias, verbena and geraniums (red) and Bidens and sunflowers (yellow), with added touches of gold, silver and bronze. We have also used balls and PE equipment within our planting scheme.
Our planter celebrates the numerous sports we play at our schools, including basketball, netball, football, rugby, korfball, hockey, cricket, tennis, athletics, gymnastics, jujitsu, boxing, lacrosse, Taekwondo, table tennis and swimming.
We have used our school’s corporate colours as the base of our planter. The flowers and plants themselves are in the colours of the Olympic rings, i.e. lobelia (blue), trailing petunias and Ophiopogon (black), various foliage (green), petunias, verbena, and geraniums (red) and Bidens and sunflowers (yellow), with added touches of gold, silver and bronze. We have also used balls and PE equipment within our planting scheme.