Step inside Warboar

Posted on: May 02, 2017

Step inside!

The team at Your Bromley have been opening the door to introduce different people within your BID. Today we’re opening the door to Warboar to meet Jason and learning all about gaming at Warboar Games and Paradice Board game café (Warboar).

Warboar is a born and bred Bromley business. It was created after Jason combined a few different ideas and drew inspiration from American and Canadian businesses. It is unique in combining the business practice of a Gaming centre, hobby retail store and a board game café under one roof. The idea came about as Jason wanted a venue like this himself - so made it happen for us lucky customers in Bromley and the South East of London.

It caters for and attracts a diverse range of clientele. The average customers are normally young adults who desire social interaction with other people sharing similar hobby interests and playing games.

The social element of the café came about as Jason wanted to get families and friends interacting more and away from individual TV/games consoles and connecting and bonding more as a unit using our social interaction skills. Warboar hosts gaming nights that involve groups of friends playing board games, enjoying a glass of wine or their favorite beer or cider! Huge regional gaming events such as Star Wars X-Wing can host over 100 people in size.

Did you know that Paradice Warboar Café is the largest board game café in Europe? It offers something for everyone - from the youngest customer who has not played a board game, to the seasoned gaming veteran. They aim to provide family entertainment that doesn't involve being hunched around a TV. A big plus is you can be taught new and exciting games whilst being waited on at your table. Drinks include some of Bromley's finest fair trade coffee, 40% cocoa hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows, craft beers and ciders, wines and prosecco.

Warboar’s new super store opened on January 2nd 2016, but the company has been trading for four years. Trained staff happily assist you in making the right gaming choice when you come in, from old school favorites to new and exciting games, children's games, or even adult party games for the evenings. Stock includes a huge range of gaming products and board games, such as Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer and hobby products. These are all at discounted prices and match most online prices to bring the best value possible.

Ten members of staff, both full and part-timers, are trained in the retail side as well as catering and serving. All the staff know how to play a variety of games to help and teach customers when they come in to play in the cafe.

The best-selling product range without a doubt is the whole Games Workshop range, as the entire range is sold at a discount and the huge gaming room allows people to play their games in. 2017 has some exciting new changes coming to the store. There’s a redesign including an improved gaming room and new menu for the café. Warboar will be holding comedy evenings, more themed board game nights with local board game companies and some campaign weekends for gamers to attend. Events are held weekly and on weekends. These include a huge range of organised play for Magic The Gathering every Friday as well as prereleases and tournaments, Pokemon every Sunday, as well as Games Workshop, X-Wing and other Fantasy Flight games at the weekend.

Warboar is looking forward to working more in the local area and expanding their help to local schools and agencies to get more kids involved socially and with games. The more time children and adults spend communicating together rather than in front of a games console, the better for everybody.

For anyone thinking of setting up a new business in Bromley, Jason parts with some wisdom, "Make sure you plan ahead and have a contingency plan, as nothing always goes to plan. Most importantly enjoy the journey, spend more time with friends and family”.

For address and opening times, please click here. Events are posted on the Facebook events page here.