Update Roadworks on Bromley High Street

Posted on: September 25, 2017

As you may have noticed works on The Central Bromley Scheme are continuing. New paving is being laid on section “A” in the diagram and all being well, will be completed by next Friday 20th October. We have made significant changes to our previously advertised programme, which given the busy commercial session that’s due to arrive shortly, may be of interest to you.

Areas C & D will now be worked on from this coming Friday 20th October. Pedestrians will be directed to use the central section (A), which should then have been completed. Each shop in area C & D Mothercare to W H Smith(C) and Warren Jones to Foot Asylum (D) will have designated walkways into their shops. The entrances to these shops will not be blocked at any time during opening hours. However where premises have a double shop doorway of more 1.2m we may, at times work on half the entrance

I will be visiting each of these retailers over the next few days to explain the process in greater detail and collect their contact details so that I can stay regularly in touch.

The work on areas C & D is expected to take approximately a month to complete. We are then looking to close our construction works throughout Bromley town centre on 30th November, for the

Christmas period and return on 8th January 2018.

In January we will continue work in the high street in section”B”which should take approximately 20 days to complete.

Please keep checking for updates on the Your Bromley website, but for those retailers directly affected by any future stage I will come in and speak to you nearer the time for each phase.

Obviously please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss any of the information contained in this update or indeed anything to do with the scheme either by email helen.mcconnell@fmconway.co.uk or mobile 07917 518529.


F M Conway