A family of ducks 'on their way to Wagamama' had to be escorted from The Glades in Bromley

Posted on: May 02, 2018

As the weather reverts back to typical British springtime after the recent heatwave, many people will take shelter in their local shopping centre this weekend.

Among the hustle and bustle of the crowds, you better be careful where you're walking as it's not just us humans that enjoy a bit of retail therapy after payday.

In a video posted by The Glades shopping centre in Bromley, a duck can be seen leading nine ducklings towards the restaurant terrace for a meal on Thursday evening (April 26).

The Glades described their tiny visitors' trip as "a typical family day out to our restaurant terrace".

Thankfully, the family were escorted back to their home by an entourage of The Glades' security personnel - all in a day's work.

They were taken safely back to the pond in Church House Gardens - the park by the Churchill Theatre.

[Source: Kentlive]