Bromley Business News March 2018

Posted on: April 27, 2018

This year’s Bromley Food Festival returns for its third year and will run from 26th May – 3rd June Inc. and it is a great way to showcase your business.

Your Bromley will produce a definitive guide highlighting all the wonderful and diverse places to eat and drink in Bromley town centre and will circulate thousands of guides to the surrounding area and even further afield to attract new customers.

You can raise your business’ profile by getting involved:

  1. Putting an event on in your business, e.g. wine tasting, cooking schools, demonstrations, live music etc.
  2. Providing an offer for (part) of the period, i.e. money off, extras like free top ups etc.
Either way Your Bromley will ensure you are highlighted in the booklet being produced and help drive footfall to your business.
The more you get involved, the better the offer etc will determine how successful this event is for you and the town centre. Please complete the form and return to

Additional hours of policing over Easter holidays.

Operation Gemini, additional policing hours funded by Your Bromley, will be back in Bromley town centre from Tuesday 3rd April to Saturday 14th April. The plan is an additional four Police Officers and two Community Support Officers, carrying and responding to Shop Safe radio, Mondays to Saturdays between midday and 8pm. The officers will patrol the Town Centre and will be particularly focused on crime affecting businesses such as shoplifting, and dippers in the street.

Update Bromley Town Centre Improvements, Phase 2.

This section will involve a considerable amount of groundworks to facilitate new drainage and additional ducting for improved lighting.

As part of this phase steel work will be laid in the ground. This will form part of the final central surface feature. The final surface will be a resin type material, like that already seen around tree pits within Bromley. However, this product needs to be laid during finer weather, so a temporary asphalt base will be laid until the temperatures improve.

These extensive groundworks will extend all along the central section of the high street, where in the final design it is proposed permanent canopies will be erected.

Although the team on the ground is presently making good progress the next phasing may prove challenging for both the operatives and retailers alike. Every effort will be made by contractors FM Conway to complete the next two sub sections of phase 2 as quickly as possible, but they are now entering a period of inclement weather which could impact on the Council's programme.

Direct access into the shops may not be always be possible however. To enable larger sections of sett laying to be completed without too much stone cutting, side entrances to premises may be more appropriate. In addition, where premises have larger entrances, half the access may be worked on during working hours.

Please keep checking for updates on the Your Bromley website.

Step Inside

Your Bromley features ‘Step Inside’, a blog, on its website. Here we highlight local businesses and those who work there. Previous blogs introduced Specsavers, Giraffe and currently we’re showcasing Beau Tribu and independent business owner Heather Jones. If you would like you and your business featured in future blogs, please email us at Your Bromley.

Bromley Market – Your Bromley stands up for you

London Borough of Bromley is currently consulting on a plan for relocation of market stalls. Your Bromley attended the recent London Borough of Bromley’s Plans Sub Committee to make the case for market stalls to be located away from same sector bricks and mortar stores, and for food stalls to be located far from clothes retailers so that food odours cannot contaminate clothing stock. The Sub Committee agreed with Your Bromley that a robust management plan for the market should be drawn up to respect the stores.
As a result, the market management aim not to:

  • place hot food traders near clothing shop entrances,
  • place traders outside competing High Street stores
  • position traders within a minimum of 20m between any similar products

The council is also aiming to position traders so that their pitches are consistently in the same place on different trading days. Please check our website for regular updates on the market plans.

Business visits to the CCTV centre

Following a recent Retailers’ Security meeting, those attending were invited to visit the local CCTV centre to get a better understanding of how it works and what the operators need from you to help you and other businesses. If you’d like to visit at some time, please contact Your Bromley.

Licensing Partnership Meeting
26 April, 15.00 – 16.30hrs at O'Neill's, 27 - 29 East Street, Bromley BR1 1QE, for all businesses with a license to sell alcohol or hot food at night time, with Council and Police Licensing authorities and CCTV Manager from the Council CCTV Centre in attendance. Please RSVP here.

Retailers Security Meeting:
9 May 10.00 - 11.00hrs at The Greyhound Pub, 205 High Street, Bromley, BR1 1NY with Police in attendance. Find out the latest about shoplifting and robberies in town and what steps you can take to protect your business. Also hear about the latest initiatives the police are undertaking locally and share tips with other businesses. Please RSVP here.