F M Conway Update on Works in The High Street

Posted on: October 23, 2018

Dear business community of Bromley,

When we wrote to you towards the end of July, our intentions were to resume work along the central footway by late August. Unfortunately, we were unable to commit to this date. The delivery issues we were experiencing, which were outlined in the previous update, continued to hamper our best intentions of resuming work.

You will be pleased to know however, that all such issues have been rectified and The Bromley Town Centre Improvements are back in full swing.

Our team returned in late September, firstly with the removal of the original planters. As you probably have seen sett laying is well underway to the south of the resin area, at the entrance to Library Gardens. This section of new paving will continue up to the boundary with the old Russell & Bromley premises. The rest of the central footway, from this point to the entrance of The Glades, will be completed on our return after Christmas. This should be during the first few weeks of January 2019.

Whilst work is continuing along the present area of construction, we will resume laying setts from immediately outside Tiger towards just beyond Gerry at Home. We expect to start work on this section in approximately two weeks. This time frame will enable our progress along the central footway to have reached a suitable safe stage for pedestrian footfall.

Once all the new lamp columns are installed, paving work can continue the opposite side of The High Street from The Halifax down to the southern boundary of the old Russell & Bromley premises.

Within the next few weeks the installation of the new planters will start. The first will be to front of Jessops.

If everything goes to plan and we are not hampered by “Normal” autumnal weather, the new paving across the full width of The High Street, should be completed and finished in a straight line between the old Russell & Bromley premises and Gerry at Home, by 30thNovember 2018.As mentioned previously we will resume work from this point early in the new year.

With the Bromley Christmas celebrations starting shortly, the end of November was thought to be an appropriate date to bring our work to a temporary halt. This will allow shoppers and businesses a small respite during the festive period. However, some small areas of construction will continue a little longer but should not impede pedestrian flow.

Direct access into the shops may not be always be possible when we are working immediately in front of the premises. To enable larger sections of sett laying to be completed, without too much stone cutting, side entrances to premises may be more appropriate. In addition, where premises have larger entrances, half the access may be worked on during working hours.

We sincerely appreciate your patience whilst we complete these works. Unfortunately, the nature of the works means that some noise will be unavoidable.

Obviously please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss any of the information contained in this update or indeed anything to do with the scheme either by email helen.mcconnell@fmconway.co.uk or tel 07917 518 529.

And Finally

F M Conway would like to wish all the businesses of Bromley a very happy and prosperous Christmas 2018.

Just to remind you we will be returning in January 2019

October 2018 - Source [Conway]