Bromley town centre improvements: junction Elmfield Road and High Street

Posted on: February 12, 2019

Within the next few weeks the next phase of our work in Bromley town centre will commence. This will include extensive improvements at the junction of Elmfield Road with the High Street. Unfortunately an exact date for the commencement of these works is not yet available, but proposals are that the work will start during the last few days of February or early March 2019.

The intention is that the High Street will be closed just before the junction pictured, with no vehicular access beyond that point from Elmfield Road or Ethelbert Road.

There will be no access onto the high street from Elmfield Road, however cars and deliveries will be able to access and egress Elmfield road from Kentish way, as far as The Glades services entrance.

Vehicles leaving Elmfield Rd will then have to follow a diversion marked in pale blue on the map, which isattached.

When approaching The High Street from Bromley South, the diversion route will take you down Ravensbourne Road and then up Ringers Road to access the High Street once again.

Ethelbert Rd will be made two way. Some parking will be suspended to take account of two way passing of traffic at this point.

Access to Churchill way from Ethelbert Road, will not be affected.

Display boards will be installed on all the routes into Bromley.

There will be no access onto the High Street from Ethelbert Road.

To avoid u-turns in the High Street all businesses on the lower part of the High Street( south) should remind their delivery companies to use the diversion route pictured.

Bus stops on the lower section of the high street will be suspended. Notices will be placed on the stops but additional information on the whereabouts of the next nearest stop will be available nearer the time, just visit: -

Thank you for your understanding and support

Every effort is being made to minimise disruption and your understanding and support is appreciated in advance. If further specific information is needed, please contact Conway’s Helen McConnell who can be contacted, for help and advice. Helen, the Liaison Officer is the scheme contact for businesses and residents. Helen can be contacted on Mobile Tel 07917 518 529 or email


Source: [Conway]