Loose Change 4 Real Change

Posted on: May 23, 2019

Loose Change 4 Real Change launches to help the homeless across Bromley Borough

A new scheme launches this April, across Bromley town centre, designed to help caring residents and visitors to support Bromley Homeless Shelter with dedicated house shaped collection boxes appearing in businesses in Bromley town centre.

Your Bromley Business Improvement District is encouraging people to think twice about giving cash to beggars, instead encouraging those who care about homelessness to help bring about real change by donating to Bromley Homeless Shelter.

“Not all beggars are homeless, and evidence suggests that most homeless people do not actually beg”, commented a campaign spokesperson. “We’ve called this joint project ‘Loose Change 4 Real Change’ because we hope that people will be persuaded to give to a worthwhile organisation aiming to support homeless people rebuild their lives, rather than to individuals.”

To find the navy-blue house shaped donation boxes near you simply visit yourbromley.com

Bromley Homeless Shelter, who will receive all funds raised through the campaign, have a mission to give all homeless people of all races and beliefs a warm, safe, place to sleep and a hot meal during the winter months and provide support as they start to rebuild their lives. For the rest of the year they provide specialist support and advice.