Operation Gemini, Thursday afternoons / evenings throughout March

Posted on: March 20, 2019

Additional policing hours, funded by Your Bromley, are now in place to cover late night shopping in Bromley town centre on Thursday evenings in March. The team of Police officers will prioritise tackling shoplifting and dipping, moving on beggars, and stopping people cycling on the pedestrianised part of the High Street. They will carry and respond to Shop Safe radios. Wherever possible they will recover and return stolen stock to you. A total of £190 of stock was recovered and returned on 7 March, with £610 recovered and returned on 14 March.

An Operation Gemini exercise between 18th February and 23 February, also funded by Your Bromley, led to £1,416.93 worth of stock recovered by the officers. Officers were also targeting street begging. Distinctions were made between genuine homeless people and those found not to be genuine were moved on. Genuinely homeless people were advised of where they could access help. Cyclists on the pedestrianised area of the High St were asked to walk their bicycles along the High Street area instead of cycling.

Knowing how important retailers view additional policing, we’re currently scheduling another exercise over the Easter school holidays. This would run from Wed 10th– 20thApril, noon to 20.00 hours, excluding bank holidays, Sundays and Mondays. We’d love to hear your views on Operation Gemini, contact us on enquiries@yourbromley.com.