Recycling – Bromley Businesses’ Achievements recognised

Posted on: April 18, 2019

64 of the best Bromley business recyclers (through our award winning partners First Mile) recently received certificates delivered by Your Bromley bowler hatted Ambassadors, with Paper Chase and Metro Bank saving the most money (over £1300) through the service. Altogether, Your Bromley businesses have saved 159 trees and created 8489 KH of energy through their recycling efforts. The bulk of recycling is cardboard and mixed, many businesses also use First Mile for general waste collections, food recycling and paper shredding. So far we’ve soon no take up for coffee grounds, coffee cups, or Water Electronic Electrical Equipment (WEEE) and toner collections.

Your Bromley recently surveyed those using the free recycling service and had lots of good feedback such as “works well,” “efficient”, “no fuss”. A few businesses said they’d like the free allocation increased, so we are looking at the allocations longer term. Any increase in the allocation of free collections will be announced in the monthly e-shot. To join the service or to book new supplies, discuss collection times etc, please call First Mile on 0800 612 9894 or email

Recycling includes paper, cardboard, glass, tin cans, plastic bottles and clean plastic bags. A specialist coffee cup collection is also available and can be taken as part of your free allocation. Daily collections, depending on your need, can be arranged. The level of free service, funded by Your Bromley, is based on the rateable value of your premises and works best for businesses who arrange their own waste collection rather than paying for it as part of a service charge. Other waste collection services (discounted through being part of Your Bromley) are available direct through First Mile, collected at the same time as your recycling, and all at competitive rates.