Support from Barclays

Posted on: July 17, 2020

Barclays have a number of support resources available for Your Bromley BID members and Barclays' business customers who require specialist support following the impacts of COVID-19.

Useful links to support can be found here:

Bounce Back Loan Scheme:

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme:

Coronavirus Help for Business Customers:

You can sign up to the below webinars:

Tuesday 28th July

10.00 | Do brands need to think differently about social media? (1 hour)

In this session, personal branding and social media marketer Matt Johnson will explain a fundamental marketing principle that every business can apply to their social media and wider marketing practices. As a result, you will begin to see the value in approaching social media from a different angle.

11.30 | 5 ways to make you bounce back loan work harder than you! (45 mins)

Ian Luckett, founder of INNOVATE TO SUCCESS, will share how to use your bounce back loan effectively

13.00 | Covid 19: The latest support for small businesses and self-employed (1 hour)

Chartered accountant Vicky Parkinson answers your questions about financial support for businesses and the self-employed during Covid 19.

14.00 | Making tax digital and making your business digital (30 mins)

This session will cover: An introduction to the cloud and APIs, a look at the reasons behind making tax digital, the changes to reporting and recording tax, a look at cloud applications and how businesses can use these & a look at case studies for businesses affected by MTD and of businesses using cloud applications

15.00 | Business resilience through Coronavirus (30 mins)

This webinar will be looking at the decisions that businesses could be faced with and what support is available to them in this challenging period.

Wednesday 29th July

10.00 | Business resilience through Coronavirus (30 mins)

This webinar will be looking at the decisions that businesses could be faced with and what support is available to them in this challenging period.

10.00 | Lockdown comeback (45 mins)

This webinar will show you how some companies have been able to make a comeback after the COID19 lockdown using SignTech Paperless tools. More importantly the webinar aims to help you get prepared to handle another lockdown, which is said to be inevitable and is in fact happening right now in local areas.

14.00 | Introduction to cyber security (30 mins)

This session will cover: Why should cybercrime matter to me, social engineering what do you need to know, common cyber threats & steps you can take to protect yourself and your business

16.30 | Eagle Lab Engineer event The Non-trivial quiz (45 mins) The eagle labs engineers team has put together a quiz and removed the trivia, all the questions are based on real science and you can pick up point for giving full and comprehensive explanations. Otherwise you come and learn about aspects of science that you did not know about.

18.30 | Eagle Lab Engineer event - IOT build event (2 hours) Open Thing CIC is a group of Internet of Things enthusiasts who have come together to develop open source devices and software to improve our communities through supporting behaviour change. Everyone is welcome; no previous experience is necessary

Our current project is exploring the potential of air quality monitoring and how displaying results in real time can educate around behaviours such as car engine idling

Thursday 30th July

13.00 | Pitching 101: what you need to know and what to avoid (1 hour)

In this session: what do you need to know, pitch decks & common mistakes

14.00 | Working from home? What you need to know about GDPR and cyber security (1 hour)

This event will give you the tools to ensure your business is still GDPR compliant when you or your employees are working from home and how to stay safe online. In the new era or working remotely, we still need to be mindful of our responsibility to protect data and stay secure

14.00 | Creator conversations: Meet the Syrup room (45 mins)

Josh and Jamie of The Syrup Room have built a unique business with work that will be familiar to many. Meet them as they join our lab engineer for a creator conversation.

14.30 | Demystifying AI, machine learning & machine intelligence (30 mins)

Join us to talk about the basics of machine learning, machine intelligence and artificial intelligence, and see how they differ.

Friday 31st July

14.00 | Eagle Lab Engineer event – workshop – working as a group (1 hour)

In this workshop we will explore how to work together and how to get the most out of group work. We will explore our shared biases and approaches to effective group work by thinking about past experience and our relationships.