Take a six part assessment - Adapt your business

Posted on: April 08, 2021

Adapt your business to a new normal

This six-part assessment is designed to give you smart advice to adapt your business during the reopening.

Start by taking our Business Safety Check to make sure you have taken all the steps to ensure the safety of your workplace.

Continue the assessment and learn the latest digital, strategy and recovery tactics to thrive in the new normal.

Take the assessment here https://www.openbromley.com/bu...

Download free materials & show your commitment to reopen safely

Show your commitment to safety with our Safety Check Certificate: you will get it straight in your inbox after completing the Business Safety Check.

In the meantime, download badges, signage and social media material you can use to keep customers safe and informed both in-store and online.

Download materials here https://www.openbromley.com/re...

Apply for the Business Innovation Grant

Applications close on 12 April 2021

Are you an innovative business with a big project in mind to respond to post-COVID challenges? Then, apply for the Business Innovation Grant.

The scheme is targeted at existing Bromley-based businesses: successful applicants will be awarded up to £10,000 per project that clearly shows a deliverable and well-considered business plan.

To find out more about the grant, click here.